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Humphrey-Gaskin :

Looking into the abyss

This website looks at the fusion of art with photography:  Photo-Art.

Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin has personal connection with the phrase... "looking into the abyss" ... of course needs to be done with care, as ..." the abyss may look back at you " ... referenced to Friedrich Nietzsche.  

Artists are often looking into the abyss in order to discover depths within their souls that are then expressed in their artwork..

Gallery 1 :   Light, dark and reflections
Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin,
principal of abp Chartered Architects,
South London architects.

In the detail of the image, there is light , dark and reflections.

The world around us is full of imagery, one has to open one's eyes to explore this and be enthused in the creation of all things.  If we look we can see.  

“Our first set of Photo-Art, will look at the quality of details in the photographs that have been previously overlooked” ….. Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin

The touch the pictures to link to a larger image ....

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